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General Info.

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icon Cheer Eclipse Pricing Information

                         PRICING INFORMATION                           *EFFECTIVE MAY 1, 2018

Annual Registration Fee:            $40.00 per person/$45.00 per family

Recreational Classes:                 $60.00 per month per person – 1 hr. per each week

                                                       $90.00 per month per person – 2 hrs. per each week

 **10% discount for 2nd child/**50% discount for 3rd chil

All-Star Tuition: (Includes Weekly Tumbling Class)                                      

$90.00 per month (Novice) 2.25 hours per week

$110.00 per month per person (Tiny) 3.0 

$130.00 per month per person (Mini) 3.5 hours per week

$175.00 per month per person (Yth - Sr.) 5.5 hours per week

 Private Training Session:                               

$25.00- per half hour (tumble, jumps, cheer)

 Semi-Private Session:                                      

$30.00 per half hour(tumble, jumps, cheer)